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Half Two - Lean and Strong

Hi I'm Rach and I will help you become  stronger and leaner in two months - reconnecting with your amazing body  - even when life is wonderfully (And sometimes just crazy!) busy.


The programme you need to make the progress you want

What I love about working with clients in their half two of life is that realisation that moving well in your body makes a huge difference.   


It is possible to become leaner, get stronger, regain functional fitness and find a little of your inner athlete.


I use a simple, grounded in science, approach - helping you make progress towards your goal, with small changes, so you find your flow and thrive.

Pilates & Strength Training - designed around you:

As we go into our half two of life it can be challenging to know why your body is changing and what you can do about it - you can start to feel frustrated, almost like your body is working against you.

We will work with the changes that are happening, so you can make real progress with your fitness and  feel confident again in your skin.


In our sessions we'll improve your strength, muscle tone and flexibility and rebuild your connection with the way you move using a combination of Pilates + Functional strength training.

Your programme will be designed uniquely around you so you see progress every week - we start with a consultation session to understand how you move today and what your goals are. Your programme then updates each month, so your journey towards being fitter and healthier evolves with you.

We train in my garden studio in Maidenhead, each session is 50 minutes and there is always time for a chat afterwards.


Which goes hand in hand with your personalised Nutrition Programme:

I’ll create your personalised nutrition plan to lose body fat as you build strength without feeling restricted, leaving the traditional calorie obsession behind.  

Having prayed to the gods of calories and cardio for most of our lives, we’re all just too familiar with 'diets', the highs and lows, the hard work and restriction.  'Diets' as we know them don’t work for most people.

There is another way, recognising that the best diet is your diet with a focus on eating well to create a stronger, leaner you rather than what little to eat and what you can't do.


We make small adaptations every month that work with the shifting hormones in our bodies - harnessing a varied diet with a focus on macro nutrients to develop strength and lean muscle, give you energy and create a gentle calorie deficit for fat loss. 


This ‘Adapt’ and ‘Evolve’ approach will make your fat loss progress steady, consistent and something that becomes just how you eat. We also bring in simple strategies  for managing social events, meals out and alcohol so you don’t feel restricted, you can enjoy life AND get the results you want.


I am by your side at every step through this journey and we have weekly check-ins so we can make adjustments, deal with any hiccups in the journey and make that gentle progress for lasting results.


+ Your home exercise programme - tailored to your life

With your home exercise program you don’t need to carve out hours to go to the gym, you can spend 30 minutes, using the equipment that you already have.


We build on what you’re working on in our 121 sessions to make every workout deliver results and you’re supported by my training app, so you have a place to track your progress with me, and can feel really confident with what you are doing.

I absolutely promise, once you start to see real results you’ll find it easier to prioritise and fall in love a little bit with your home workouts.

Get in Touch

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